KIRSTIN DAVIS LMT - Signature Massage now Includes Chavutti Thurmal (Massage By Foot Pressure)

Welcome to RelaxPDX

Whether you are looking for a chance to pamper yourself with a special spa style treatment or you need to get the 'knots' worked out of your neck and shoulders, RelaxPDX has a massage to suit your needs. From Signature Massages to Therapeutic Injury Recovery, we offer a full range of exceptional massage experiences using foot pressure.

Luxury amenities included with every RelaxPDX massage

  • 100% Organic Massage Products
  • Full Hour (or 90 min) of ACTUAL Massage Time (not 50 minutes)
  • Heated - Tempur Pedic Massage Table
  • Custom Blended Aromatherapy Oils
  • Steam Towels on Legs or Face
  • Music Options For Your Personal Taste
  • Massage Pace Pressure and Area Of Focus are Customized for Each Session
  • Herbal Tea / Filtered Water

Day-to-day stress affects our lives in many ways, frequently stress manifests itself as tension in the body. Tired shoulders, headaches, stiff necks, and lower back pain are simply things that many of us accept as normal. Guess what? Pain and discomfort are not normal! It is possible to live your life without these daily annoyances. Massage therapy can be just the way to help you achieve a more alert, relaxed, and productive life.